Air Purifying Coatings

Know the importance of air purifying coatings, paint to realize a health life all around


Use of Photocatalytic coatings having self-cleaning, self-sanitizing plus air purifying coating properties (clean and hygiene environment).

We all know very well that contamination with fastidious microorganisms (microbes, bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc.) of the entities as well as surfaces that are in direct contact with persons, as also the growth of the environment pollution has a considerable contribution to the spread of healthcare associated infections as well as are a key cause of morbidity plus mortality worldwide. Also, the exhaust discharges of the vehicles as well as industrial factories are a tough contamination source of buildings as well as breathable air from the EU towns.

For confirming of a clean and hygienic environment in the all public areas like schools, hospitals, hotels, etc. the wonderful achievement of materials having self-cleaning, self-sanitizing as well as air purifying paint properties is made using coatings with novel multicomponent building structures (an effective coatings with safe chemical active materials) that confirm a synergic action of the materials having photocatalytic properties (undoped materials for process only under Ultra violet (UV) light as well as doped materials in order to move the photocatalytic procedure in the visible range of the solar energy radiation) and materials with confirmed antimicrobial properties.

For air purifying paint application of the photocatalytic coatings with better adherence to the substrate, high photocatalytic efficiency; strength of the photocatalytic effect for a lengthy period, reduced prices for coating process, etc. methods in open air of the micro as well as Nano powders are employed –

Atmospheric Cold Plasma Surface Treatment:

Cold Gas Dynamic Spray Deposition Method;

Atmospheric Cold plasma powder Deposition Method;

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